About Us

Coeliac Heaven is a family owned and operated business that is proudly run by Juanita & Garth Coad.  The concept was initially launched by Sue & Bill Greene as Sue’s Gluten Free Shop, which was located in Dayboro.  Due to the lack of good options available to those following a gluten free diet,  Coeliac Heaven was conceived to source quality gluten free grocery products at reasonable prices
Coeliac Heaven is a natural progression for us and gives the opportunity for everyone to benefit. The online store is proud to offer a huge range of really good quality gluten free products. It really is a Coeliac Heaven with great tasting gluten free sweets and savouries. 
Coeliac Heaven Australia is now fully online, our products and store can be accessed 24/7 for your convenience.
You can be absolutely certain that if it doesn’t say Gluten Free on the label, you won’t find it in our online store.
Bill & Sue Greene
Snacks and confectionery

Our extensive range includes:

baking essentials, including over 30 different flours
  • breakfast cereals and spreads
  • cake mixes
  • biscuits,
  • pasta
  • sauces and marinades
  • salad dressings chutneys
  • snack foods
  • frozen meals and breads
  • and more gluten free foods and ingredients
Going gluten free is not always a choice or a trendy lifestyle change. For this reason, Coeliac Heaven focuses only on gluten-free groceries.

Our Products

  • We are delighted to offer an interesting and a reasonably priced range of gluten free meals, snacks and ingredients.
Every product is coeliac friendly, and we won’t stock products that aren’t marked ‘Gluten Free’. Our range of products is wide, and ever expanding. If we don’t stock something you’d like to buy, let us know and we will do our very best to source it at a reasonable cost.
Some of our prices are lower than manufacturers sell at on their web sites. Wherever possible, we support Australian producers.
Ordering is easy using the on-line-shop. We use reliable and trustworthy couriers and you’ll be surprised by our flat rate Australia wide delivery fee.
Zehnders Pizza Base - Frozen - Plain - 24cm
Meal makers

Why a specialty gluten-free only shop?

  • I am gluten intolerant. I have always been a keen cook and baker and I used to struggle to find quality gluten-free foods to use in recipes. I was so frustrated that products we had been using and liked would disappear from the supermarket shelves.
There are a lot of gluten free products around, but they can vary greatly in quality, taste and price. Many people think that ‘gluten free’ is synonymous with ‘taste free’. All this sparked our journey sourcing quality products.
We eat what we sell, so if the quality of a product declines, we will either follow up with the manufacturer, or find an alternative product to stock.
We hope you enjoy shopping with us and appreciate your feedback – do you let us know your thoughts!